Photo of Kristina Lyke
Photo of Kristina Lyke

Putting the fear of justice into opposing counsel.

A History Of Results

Lyke Law PLLC is committed to the best possible outcomes for your case, while maintaining the highest ethical standards. Kristina’s strong reputation with the court and within the community help you get the upper hand, in any of our areas of practice. Make sure to start your consultation today.

Recent Criminal Results

  • Criminal sexual conduct cases dismissed in Ingham County
  • Fraudulent check dismissed in Ingham County Misdemeanor dismissed in Westland
  • Felonies dismissed in the Upper Peninsula
  • DUI dismissed in Wayne County
  • OWI reduced to reckless driving
  • OWI dismissed in Ingham County
  • OWI reduced to reckless Westland
  • Felonious assault and malicious destruction of property jury trial in Ingham = not guilty on all counts
  • Assault jury trial in Ingham County with six prosecution witnesses against the defendant = not guilty
  • Home invasion reduced to MDOP in Livingston County
  • Cases in the news (e.g., Livingston County, Niles, Michigan, Ingham County)
  • Driver’s license restoration won on appeal with Ingham and Calhoun counties
  • Driver’s license restoration at secretary of state for Ingham, Clinton and Calhoun counties,
    for hardship appeals
  • Successful in Ingham, Livingston, Jackson, Barry counties for traffic violations, including bench trial for careless driving dismissed in Barry County

Recent Family Law Results

  • Ex parte motions prevailed in Ingham, Livingston, Shiawassee, Jackson, and Eaton counties
  • Change in Custody for both mom and dads in various counties
  • Change in Parenting time for both mom and dads in various counties
  • Joint physical and Joint legal custody to a man who did not have any custodial or legal rights to his children and received two weeks on and two weeks off in parenting time in Lenawee County
  • Full physical custody and Full legal custody to a father in Jackson County
  • Primary physical custody to a father in Livingston County
  • Won ex parte motion to change custody in Ingham County for a father
  • Received child back from Texas by pick up order and mother received full physical custody of the minor child here in Michigan, in Jackson County Court
  • Successful change of domicile motions
  • Won change of domicile for a woman to move from Michigan to Texas when parents shared joint legal custody and parenting time in Ingham County
  • Won change of domicile motion for a man in Eaton County and stopped a woman from moving with the children to another state
  • Won a change in school district in various counties either by representing the plaintiff or Defending the action

These Are Contempt Hearings/Probation Violations

  • Contempt motions Carrying Concealed Weapons cases
  • Assault and Battery cases
  • Felonious Assault
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Embezzlement