Photo of Kristina Lyke
Photo of Kristina Lyke

Putting the fear of justice into opposing counsel.

Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges In Michigan

Now is not the time to take things casually. You have been arrested and charged with a crime. The penalties you could receive if you are convicted are severe. Even seemingly insignificant crime charges could have lifelong negative impacts on your life. Do not take this lying down. You need to fight aggressively against the charges you are facing.

The best way to defend yourself against criminal charges in Michigan is with the help of Attorney Kristina Lyke, founder of Lyke Law PLLC. At this East Lansing firm, you will find a lawyer who has the knowledge, experience and dedication to fight for you and the compassion and care to personally help you with any of the legal issues that arise.

There is too much at stake to trust your case to an inexperienced lawyer. Work with Attorney Lyke, who knows how to fight for you.

Michigan Gun Laws

The right to bear arms is a critical freedom guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Lyke Law PLLC, places an emphasis on defending the gun rights of its clients. The firm represents clients in gun rights matters that include:

  • Carrying without a permit
  • Purchasing a firearm illegally
  • Revocation of gun rights due to criminal convictions
  • OWI while carrying a gun or CPL

These are just a few of the common gun rights issues that arise. Whatever issues you might be dealing with in this area, talk with Attorney Kristina Lyke. She can help you.

Moving Violations, DUI Charges And Drivers License Restoration And Appeals

Attorney Lyke has extensive experience representing clients in the court’s traffic division. In addition to fighting DUI charges, she also fights other charges to keep points off your record and maintain lower insurance rates. Traffic offenses handled by Lyke Law PLLC include:

Defending Clients Against Violent Crime Charges

The firm represents clients accused of assault and battery and related charges in Michigan, including felony assault and domestic violence. A violent crime conviction can be catastrophic to your freedom and your future. Attorney Lyke offers criminal defense services on charges including:

For multiple counts of domestic violence, you could face thousands of dollars in fines and years of incarceration. Make sure you fight these charges aggressively.

Other Criminal Defense Areas

Lyke Law PLLC represents clients in virtually all types of misdemeanors and felonies. Attorney Lyke has more than a decade of trial experience where she has earned a reputation as a tough litigator with exceptional courtroom skills. In addition to gun and violent crime cases, also handles criminal offenses such as:

  • Burglary and petty theft
  • Drug possession, possession with intent to deliver
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Robbery, armed robbery and unarmed robbery
  • White collar crimes, including fraud, identity theft and financial transaction device cases
  • Embezzlement
  • All other misdemeanors and felonies

The firm handles expungement cases, helping people clean up their criminal record. Attorney Lyke has trial experience in Ingham, Jackson, Eaton, Livingston, Shiawassee, Clinton, Wayne, Oakland and the Upper Peninsula. If she cannot assist you directly, she can help find an attorney who specializes in the area in which you need representation.

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