Photo of Kristina Lyke
Photo of Kristina Lyke

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Criminal Defense, Family Law, Divorce, OWI & DUI Defense


Lyke Law PLLC is admitted to practice throughout the State of Michigan and in both the Eastern and Western districts of the Federal Court. Our specialties include but are not limited to criminal and family law, including specific recent experience in:

  • DUI & OWI Defense
  • Driver’s License Restoration
  • Traffic Tickets and Violations
  • Jury Trials
  • Home Invasion Defense
  • Felonious Assault Defense
  • Malicious Destruction of Property
  • Divorce
  • Change of Domicile and Child Custody

We are able to offer legal defense services in all cases of criminal law, including fatal offenses, personal offenses (assault, battery, sexual assault), property offenses (criminal damage, trespassing, theft, robbery, extortion, burglary, and fraud), participatory offenses (such as aiding and abetting).

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For Family law, we are experienced and qualified to assist you in all family matters, including marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships, adoption and surrogacy, child abuse and child abduction, the termination of relationships and ancillary matters, including divorce, annulment, property settlements, alimony, child custody and visitation, child support and alimony awards, juvenile adjudication, paternity testing and paternity fraud. The office has been successful and has argued several cases in front of the Friend of the Court and the courts in several different counties, including Eaton, Clinton, Livingston, Ingham, and Jackson.

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